My Journey As A Therapist 

I am passionate about Birds of Prey and have been working with them for nearly twenty years. The tranquility of a bird flying around you is a magical feeling.  Falconry started as a Hobby, by being outdoors with my birds and my dogs I would get a sense of real peace and calmness.

The Falconry Business

I started a Falconry business, having clients who would buy experiences for themselves or their loved ones, and I found that they too would achieve a sense of peace by just being near myself and my birds. They would tell me their life stories and some of them were very traumatic.

One particular young lad came out to spend time with me and the birds, his mum bought him the experience and just told me he loved birds of prey, and at that time was not in a good place, it didn’t take him long to feel safe in my company and over a cup of coffee he told me his story, he was shy and had been bullied and so dropped out of university. Each day he came back, and I saw his confidence grow.  Seeing these changes made my decision to train as a Counsellor, the easiest decision I’ve ever made.

Few Years Later…

A few years later, that same young man came back for a refresher day, and over lunch he told me that if it hadn’t been for me, my patience, and confidence in finding someone he felt safe to talk to, he wouldn’t be where he was at that time. He had gone back to university and qualified, got himself a good job and was now living in London He also travels all over the world with his job! This confirmed to me that I was most definitely on the right path.

Qualifications & Experience 

I am a Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist with extensive experience of working in diverse environments, to help people through traumatic events and troubling periods in their lives. 

  • Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.
  • Level 5 Psychotherapy and Counselling.
  • I have Volunteered for the past two and half years at North Devon Hospice in both Barnstaple and Holsworthy for Bereavement and Pre-Bereavement patients and carers of End of Life.
  • ASSIST Suicide awareness
  • Adult survivors of childhood abuse
  • Shamanism for Therapeutic Professionals
  • Existential Therapy
  • Treating Intrusive Thoughts and Critical Voices
  • Art Therapy
  • Working Therapeutically with Dreams
  • Working with Soul
  • Enhanced DBS

Hear what people are saying

“Thank you, Sharon, for the time I spent with you and your beautiful birds, through the patience and kindness you showed me I felt safe to talk to you. I gained my confidence back and am enjoying life again”